Lars von Trier/Christian Lollike: Dogville

Director: Urbán András

Dramaturg: Vedrana Božinović

Assistant director: Szerda Zsófia



Mészáros Gábor

Kucsov Borisz

Búbos Dávid

Fülöp Tímea

Verebes Andrea


Imagine a town. A small town. Town where nothing ever happens. With ugly facades that are slowly perishing. Abandoned houses that no one wants to buy. Stores that sell discarded, old clothing at low, but still too expensive prices. A town with closed factories. Started and never finished buildings. Closed shops with dirty shop windows. Streets full of holes. Imagine a town without cultural events.With a bad and corrupt school system. A town no one ever comes to.

A town that everyone wants to leave. Don’t imagine your town. This is not a story about your town. This is not a story about you. You are good people. This is a completely different story.

This is a sad story.


Not recommanded for persons under the age of 18



Subotica city

National Council of the Hungarian Ethnic Minority

Bethlen Gábor Fund


Premiere: 31.10.2020. 19:30

Reprise: 04.11.2020. 19:30


Duration: 85 min.