About us

Makes you think, confronted, amazed, revved, makes you curious and hooked on. Since 1994 this is the Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre. Throughout the years, the theatre has evolved into an experimental, so called, artistic theatre, which is categorized by the unique workflow and aesthetics of András Urbán’s productions. The crew has five permanent Actors.The plays are performed in Hungarian, with Serbian subtitles since 2007. In the recent years the troop has been guest at various theatre festivals in Europe, Asia, South-America. The theatre travelled to India in 2011, and to Brasil in 2012. The institution is constantly present at the most important theatre festivals in Hungary and Serbia, and at other theatre events in the region. The theatre places a special emphasis on contemporary workshops, and organically links the local and the global reality. The Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre has proven that experimental performances can also enter the mainstream, and in an artistic sense, the theatre has gained a significant position in the region. In the name of diversity the Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre has launched the Tram of Desiré in 2006. This is a unique, year-long series of events that has the goal to present the Vojvodinian audience artists that are revolutionary, exciting and top-class in their own genre of theatrical play. Since 2009, the theatre can take pride in its own festival, the Desiré Central Station. This contemporary, international and regional festival of drama and dance has become an important moment in the cultural life of the region.