The Good, the Bad and the Son of a B**ch


In the performance directed by Ferenc Fehér only the title and the atmosphere are based on the original story. The story here is quite simple. It is about a small community in which people live their lives and survive among each other. To overcome boredom, they entertain each other. Here duel and high jinks have a huge role.

In this unusual, deserted countryside, in this one-horse town called El Perdido we find only fuck off gangs and whores, all the undesirables of society.

But suddenly something changes…



Zoltán Deák, Katalin Gáll, Eszter Nagy, Levente Orbán, Emília Polgár, László Szekrényes, Attila Veres Nagy


Directed and coreographed by: Ferenc Fehér

Music: Ferenc Fehér

Stage manager: Enikő Bartók

Lights: Huba Szabó

Sound: György Chiriţescu

Dresser: Melinda Both