Therapy is a romantic comedy about relationships, a self-examiner, self-healing porn show, a psycho-invidualistic care, romantic comedy love-thriller, a workshop which is based on books, magazines, advertisements, individual experiences, a hydrotherapy with slaps, a psychological-documentarist romantic comedy.


DIRECTED BY: Olivera Đorđević (in a relationship)

ASSISTANT OF THE DIRECTOR: Róbert Lénárd (in a relationship)



Márta Béres (indefinable)

Kinga Mezei (it's complicated)

Árpád Mészáros (in a relationship)

Gábor Mészáros (in a relationship)

Imre Elek Mikes (in a relationship)

Csaba Ralbovszki (in a relationship)


SCENOGRAPHY: Maria Kalabić (in an unofficial marriage)

COSTUME: Mirna Ilić (in a relationship)

CORREPETITOR: Ágota Vitkay-Kucsera (some day her prince will come)

THE BASICS OF THE SCHIZOPHRENIC MEDLEY: Géza Kucsera (in a relationship)

VIDEO: Antal Erdudacz (married)