director: Kokan Mladenović



Maja Pelević: The last little girlsdirector: Kokan Mladenović

Maja Pelević:

The last little girls


Translated by Krisztina Orovec


Today, more than ever, we live in a system that encompasses all aspects of human existence: behavior, desires, love, hope, and manages to profit from it all. In such a social order, it is no wonder to see that the process of becoming a commodity is becoming more and more pronounced in all areas of life, and that birth itself is no exception. The joy of possession encompasses even the deepest biological and emotional levels such as motherhood.

After all, this is exactly what defined the woman at all times and what was expected of her. A woman herself has no value today unless she has the social recognition that mothers deserve. A childless woman is worthless, so she will be able to do everything to fulfill her role as a mother. And this is an ideal starting point for turning elemental desire into a commodity. A child is the same raw material as anything else you can take possession of. Where the womb has become a factory and the baby a gorgeously packaged expensive product, that’s where our story begins.

(Maja Pelević)


Búbos Dávid

Fülöp Tímea

Grgić Nikoletta

Kucsov Borisz

Mészáros Gábor

Verebes Andrea

Musicians: Szerda Árpád, Ábrahám Máté


Director: Kokan Mladenović

Composer: Irena Popović

Dramaturge: Maja Pelević

Assistant dramaturge: Góli Kornélia

Decorator: Marija Kalabić

Costume designer: Selena Orb

Costume accessories developer: Blagovesta Vasileva

Choreographer:  Fülöp Tímea

Lighting design: Majoros Róbert

Assistant director: Szerda Zsófia, Csík Barnabás

Assistant composer: Szerda Árpád

Stage manager: Szvitlik Szebaszitán

Placard design: Blaskó Árpád

Photographer: Molnár Edvárd


Premiere: 2021.12.29. 19:30

Reprise: 2022.01.28. 19:30


 Duration: 80 minutes without a break



The City of Subotica

The National Council of the Hungarian National Minority

Bethlen Gábor Found

The National Cultural Fund of Hungary